Reasons to ship Finchel → He believes and motivates her. [+]

It’s curious how some people like to say that Finn was holding Rachel back, when in s1 he was the only friend she had and the only person that supported and appreciated her. Another curious thing is that, in Artie’s hallucination, Finchel never happened and somehow Rachel got stuck in Lima. Yes, she’s ambitious and she always knew that she wanted to be a star, but she’s also insecure and when no one believes in you, or motivates you, it comes a time that you just give up. Finn is the one who didn’t let her give up. He is the one who supported her in good and bad times. And everything that Rachel accomplished and will accomplish is in part because of his support and love for her. 

Reasons to ship Finchel → Because she loves him and he is good for her.